Become a Wildlife watcher


What is a Wildlife Watcher?

Wildlife Watchers are citizen scientists here in Steamboat Springs who help keep an eye on the wildlife in our area. No formal training is needed- anyone can be a citizen scientist! The information collected by Wildlife Watchers helps the US Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the Steamboat Ski Resort understand how animals are using Mount Werner. 

What does a Wildlife Watcher do?

Wildlife Watchers do exactly what the title says- watch wildlife! While recreating in the Steamboat Ski Area, a Wildlife Watcher will submit any wildlife observations they make with pictures or aduio recordings to the iNaturalist app. There is no requirement to how long you have to look for wildlife, or how many observations you need to submit! This project is built to be a fun, passive way to connect more deeply to the wildlife living alongside you. 

How do I become a Wildlife Watcher?

Becoming a Wildlife Watcher is super easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Download the iNaturalist app to your phone and login or create an account.
  • Go to the “Projects” tab of the app and search for “Steamboat Ski Resort – Wildlife Watchers” or click the button below.
  • Join the project and start recording your observations!
  • *Please note that Wildlife Watchers observations are limited to the Steamboat Ski Resort area. You can still submit observations beyond the Steamboat Ski Resort to iNaturalist, just not to the Wildlife Watchers project.*

How do I get even more involved?

Want to do more than report observations? Join Yampatika naturalists and US Forest Service Biologists on our Citizen Science After Dark snowshoe tour every Wednesday night from 6-8pm (Dec. 13th – March 13th) to help with Boreal Owl surveys!