Advancing Environmental Literacy with Youth

We’ve been inspiring environmental stewardship through education for nearly 25 years! Yampatika supports educators in NW Colorado with an array of affordable, and free, science-based, cultural and natural history resources.

The Latest in Environmental Literacy

Environmental Literacy Programs are the future of environmental education. Yampatika has developed a model program which reflects movements within ALL education to promote 21st century skills, like: critical thinking, collaboration, and connection with community and the natural environment. Yampatika’s Environmental Literacy Program supports educators in teaching common core curriculum and improving student performance overall.

School Program Overview

Grade Level(s): Preschool, Kindergarten through 5th Grade, 6th Grade and beyond.

Preschool: Yampatika can provide preK programming on any science or natural history subject upon request. Because preschool age can children vary tremendously in development and academic understanding Yampatika has no pre-set menu of programming. Instead we tailor each program to align with your students’ abilities and interests, and with your goals.

Kindergarten – 5th Grade: Environmental Literacy Program by grade-level, Adaptations, Animals, Aquatic Wild, Archaeology, Architecture, Bats, Bears, Beavers, Birds, Botany, Geology, Fire, Flying Wild, Food Chain, Fossils, Habitats, Human Impact, Mapping, Owls, Pine Beetle, Plants, Pollution, Project Learning Tree, Project Wild, Rocks & Minerals, Senses, Skulls, Tracking, Water Ecology, Water Quality, Watersheds, Wildflowers, Wildlife; or, request something—we’ll tailor a program to meet the your needs!

6th Grade & beyond:  Yampatika offers any of our hands-on, Discovery Boxes, Specimens, & Tools for Observation, i.e. Skull ID Sets or binoculars, FREE of charge, for use with any age group. We currently collaborate with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps for 6th Grade Science School and we are working on a plan to ensure that the Environmental Literacy Program reaches middle and high school students. Students ages 12 and over all also welcome on our winter,Full Moon Snowshoe Tours.

Contact 970-871-9151 or email us for more information, pricing and/or funding, and scheduling.


Environmental Literacy Program

This program is a 3-part, sequential series that supports core curriculum for K-5 students. The themes were self-selected by a teacher task-force and are aligned with CSAP Standards. The 3 components are:

  • In-class introduction to subject
  • Field trip (place-based) session intended to connect students and topic with their public lands/natural environment
  • Service-session designed to connect students and topic with community

Environmental Literacy Program Topics:

TEACHERS: Please click on program to access the teacher notes.

Kindergarten—Exploring Nature with Creative Minds

1st Grade—Birds: Beaks and Feet

2nd Grade—Subnivean Zones/Mystery Ecosystems

3rd Grade—Humans of the Land/Local Geology

4th Grade—Community Choices: Role Playing for a Wind Farm

5th Grade—Energy/Investigating Alternatives

Yampatika’s Environmental Learning Center at Legacy Ranch

Additional Programs and Resources

Discovery Boxes, Specimens, & Tools for Observation
Yampatika has a variety of portable resources available for reservation for FREE. These boxes contain an educator’s curriculum guide with lesson plans, activities, books, videos, puppets, games, posters, and specimens. We also have a large library of loaner-specimens, including: study skins, full mounts, skulls and articulated skeletons, ornithology, native plant, noxious weed, rock/mineral, and fossil collections. We can lend tools for observation, including: magnifying glasses, basic microscopes, binoculars, butterfly and aquatic invertebrate nets, and more. We can tailor specimens and materials to suit your needs. ALL are available for use in your classroom, FREE of charge.

Classroom Program
Yampatika Naturalists can come into your classroom to deliver an interactive and memorable program on any science, cultural or natural history topic. In many cases these programs are sponsored by Yampatika’s funding partners, allowing us to offer them at no cost to you. These programs vary from year to year. Our program quality and value are always high.

Field Trip Programs
Yampatika Naturalists can meet your students for a place-based education experience. Many of our programs have components which can be classroom-based, held at Yampatika’s Environmental Learning Center, and/or on public lands. These include: The Environmental Literacy Program, Teaching Environmental Science Naturally (TENS), and storm water workshops. Field programs help connect students with topics, the natural environment, and community. These programs vary from fee-based to fully-funded.

Field Trip Sites include:

  • Yampatika’s Environmental Learning Center at Legacy Ranch
  • State Parks & Wildlife Areas, including: Chuck Lewis, Stagecoach Lake, Steamboat Lake State Park, Pearl Lake, & Yampa River State Parks.
  • Locations throughout Medicine Bow – Routt National Forests, including: Dry Lake, Dumont Lake, Fish Creek Falls, Windy Ridge, Mad Creek, and Buffalo Pass.
  • City Parks and Open Spaces, including: Yampa River Core Trail, Yampa River Botanic Park, Emerald Mountain, and Howelsen Hill.
  • The Nature Conservancy’s Carpenter Ranch in Hayden; and, Cedar Mountain in Moffat County.