Thank you in advance for submitting your camper’s forms as early as possible! We have many licensing requirements to check for each child and rushing through this process jeopardizes our childcare license and puts excess strain on our hard-working staff. Our Camp Programs Director, Reece Wells, is happy to answer any questions you may have at


All forms should be submitted through your child’s profile in Active(the platform you used to register for camp). By logging into your Active account and viewing your child’s profile, you will be able to see copies of some of these forms and spaces to upload each. Please reach out to Reece if you have any questions through his email at 

Required Camper Forms

ALL CAMPERS must submit these forms before the first day of camp. You may submit them on your child’s profile in Active. Your doctor’s office could also email them directly to 

  1. Certificate_of_Immunization– Must be a CDPHE approved immunization that is up-to-date. This template provides an example of the official CDPHE form. Please note that we CANNOT accept immunization records that are simply printouts from your health insurance records.
  2. General Health Appraisal–  This form is commonly required by camps and schools to make sure a child is cleared to participate in activities. The General Health Appraisal must be from within the last 365 days. This form should be filled out by your child’s doctor’s office and needs to be from their most recent check-up.

No additional forms are required unless your child has medication that they will need to take while at camp. If your child has asthma or an allergy and you will NOT be providing a medication, you must submit a Refusal to Provide Medication Form If you WILL be providing a medication, please continue to the next section. Please note: when possible, parents are encouraged to administer medication to their child prior to and after camp instead of sending medication to camp.


Additional Medical Forms (If Bringing Medication)

CAMPERS BRINGING ANY MEDICATION must submit all relevant forms from the below before your first day.

Forms must be signed in all indicated locations by the provider, parent, and/or camper, dated within the past year. Please email completed forms or have your doctor’s office email them directly to This only applies to forms regarding medication. 


Medication Drop-Off Procedure

When you bring your camper’s medication on the first day of the program, please plan to spend about 5 minutes talking with the counselor who accepts them. We will need to check to make sure all these requirements have been met before we can accept the medication:

  • Original packaging
  • Child’s name on the package (write it on with permanent marker for over-the-counter medications)
  • Correct brand or generic variety
  • Correct dose
  • Unexpired for entire camp week
  • If an antihistamine or second EpiPen are ordered on your care plan, you must either provide them or sign a Refusal to Provide Medication Form for those specific items.

All of the above requirements must be met, or we CANNOT accept the medication on the first day of camp. If that occurs,  your options will be to either: (a) bring your child home with you and return to camp when you have all the required elements, or (b) sign a Refusal to Provide Medication Form and allow your child to stay at camp without medication, at your own risk.  If there is an emergency, we will call 911 and then the parent. No refunds will be issued for camp days missed due to parent deviation from the medication drop-off procedure.