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Keep It Clean, ‘Cause We’re All Downstream!


Protect Our Watershed From Non-Point Source Pollution

Non-point source (NPS) pollution originates from a widespread geography, with no single source to “point” to as the responsible party. Think oils, pesticides, fertilizers, road salt, sediment, dog poop, etc.

How does NPS pollution enter our waterways?

Wastewater and stormwater systems are usually not connected. While water in your home or business goes through a pipe system to be treated at a wastewater treatment plant, runoff from outdoor water use goes into the nearest gutter or street drain. These drains lead to the closest creek or river, along with all the NPS pollutants the water carries.


Prevention is KEY to NPS pollution control.

For Residents

Conscious Consuming

  • non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products
  • read the label for application instructions and proper proportioning

Waste Disposal

  • household hazardous waste
  • Scoop the poop! (Yes, even in your backyard, especially before it rains or in mud seasons).
  • YVSC Recycling Depot (insert link)
  • Keep Bears Wild (insert link)

Maintain Vehicles and Machines

  • car wash
  • oils/fluids
  • recycling (insert link or *map* for auto fluids recycling)


  • Yampa-scaping! (insert link)
  • sweeping
  • mowing
For Businesses
For Teachers
  • Enviroscape
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Filter Building
  • (insert link to School Programs page)
For Kids
  • (insert Roaring Fork’s link)
  • (KICP page)

River Watch

This program is a partnership between River Science and Colorado Parks and Wildlife devoted to volunteer water-quality monitoring. Yampatika is trained and ready to facilitate reviving a previously monitored site in your area, identifying a new site for monthly monitoring, or connecting you with a currently monitored site and volunteer group. This program has existed for over 30 years and has historic data from statewide sites. Interdisciplinary opportunities to study biological, chemical, and physical characteristics of streams. Real People. Real Science. Real Purpose. 

Environmental and Water Education Programs

 Yampatika is the only non-profit organization in Northwest Colorado committed solely to inspiring environmental stewardship through education. We offer free science and standards-based programming in multiple subjects. Our programs can take place indoors or outdoors at school or local public open spaces, on field trips to various locations, and at Legacy Ranch. 

Any grade level may request outdoor nature explorations, nature journaling, Leave No Trace Ethics, guided walks with a school topic focus, snowshoeing, and more. 

Field trips can be requested at any time of the year. Please specify your theme or goals for the field trip when requesting so we can provide the best options that will accomplish your objectives for the program. 

Field Trip Sites include:

  • Yampatika’s Environmental Learning Center at Legacy Ranch
  • State Parks & Wildlife Areas
  • Medicine Bow – Routt and White River National Forests
  • City Parks and Open Spaces
  • The Nature Conservancy’s Carpenter Ranch
  • Cedar Mountain in Moffat County
  • Private Ranches
  • More sites are being identified all the time

Yampatika is committed to providing the most applicable hands-on experiential learning opportunities available. If you have an idea for a program that would benefit your unit objectives but don’t see it in our offerings, please call to discuss!

Online Teacher Request Form

Please use the expansion buttons on the right to explore programs for specific grade levels.

 ELP = Environmental Literacy Program

This is an in-depth three-part program involving three aspects, exploration, reflection, and action. Each program has a field component. 

  • PreK: Exploring Nature
  • Kindergarten: Predicting and Preparing for Weather Changes
  • First Grade: Bird Adaptations: Beaks, Feet, and Wings
  • Second Grade: The Shape of the Land
  • Third Grade: Animal Lives
  • Fourth Grade: Changing Earth
  • Fifth Grade: Drinking Our Food
  • Middle School: Cycle Modeling (Water or Carbon)
  • High School: Water Quality
  • Middle and High School: Fire in Colorado
  • Middle and High School: Community Resilience: Drought, Fire, or Flood

Professional Development

Please contact to schedule your workshop.

Project Learning Tree (available for K-12) 

Free workshop (4 or 8-hour options) with printed materials included. Group size 4-10 teachers. 

logo-new project wet

Project WET (available for K-12) 

Free workshop (4 or 8-hour options) with printed materials available for a small fee. Group size 4-10 teachers. 


Additional Resources, Discovery Boxes, and Lending Library

Yampatika has a variety of portable resources available for check out for FREE. Discovery boxes are themed resources on specific topics. They include activities, books, posters, specimens, and more. Lending library materials include books, skulls, furs, compasses, maps, binoculars, magnifying glasses We can tailor specimens and materials to suit your needs. Request materials on a topic and grade level of your choice, and we will compile a resource kit for your classroom. ALL are available for use in your classroom free of charge.